The Life and Opinions of Nels A. Nelson

Listen in while I talk to myself

Month: August, 2013

Sitting I sittingly on my ass in chair with cushion
sit and as I sit, wait with nothing coming I wait,
but I rest and restfully seated the time,
a time will come,
then choose to:

1. Go
2. Indecide
3. Reseat my ass in chair with cushion

A chair, a cushion, a me,
potential relationships stacked with realized relationships;
our planes like meanings go on forever.
Geometrically intersectingly significant.
If not parallel, then meeting.


Beguiled, or Charmed, I’m Sure

(Note to self: I had these saved on a now-crashed hard-drive, so they weren’t really saved, except they were in that I had a hard copy, which is as it should be, but, at any rate, I’ll put one up here, from time to time, for posterity and et whatevera. All are in-progress.)

she turns a wrist
like a head

like a phrase
or a table

like a wrist
one quarter, one

half of a revolution

like my head
like my attention