Some favorite bits from Anthony Madrid’s I Am Your Slave Now Do What I Say, so far

by N.A.N.

“THE unit of wine is the cup. Of LOVE, the unit is the kiss. That’s

In Hell, the units are the gallon and the fuck. In Paradise, the drop
   and the glance.”


“In this universe practically naked of reasons to get to know one
We need every excuse we can get…”


“And now, my work is finished, I am reaching for a match:
A match, which is a little rocket with no place to go…”


“A book is a dead thing. Take it to bed, you’re asleep in a minute.
Whereas, if a friend is lying next to you, talking—you stay up all
   the night.

That’s the way to write, MADRID! Be like a pillow-talking-friend—
A good friend, full of question and answer, head propped up on
   one hand.”